Fire Power Foam

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Fire Power Foam is a one part polyurethane expanding foam, designed to effectively block the spread of smoke and flame in Type V residential construction. Fire Power Foam sets into its final form by using moisture present in the air. When installing the foam, consideration should be given to the 2-3 times expansion of the foam after it leaves the nozzle. The surface of the foam initially dries within 1-5 hours and becomes fully cured in 12-15 hours. Fire Power Foam sets well on ordinary surfaces such as concrete, brick, metal, etc. Surfaces do not require preparation and can also be damp. After installation, it is recommended that a full 24 hours elapse prior to scraping, sanding, staining or painting. The foam has a R-5 equivalent value when used in place of traditional installation methods.


Flame resistant sealing between concrete walls, efficient seal against smoke & gas, cavity filling, sound-proofing, bonding of
insulation, thermal insulation in cold-stores.


Part NumberDescriptionSizeBox Qty
DFC6008133Fire Power Foam750mL1


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