Injection Adhesive Dispensing Tools

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DEWALT offers various adhesive dispensing tools to aid in dispensing DEWALT Chemical Adhesives. DEWALT CGPRO-PWR manual injection tools are recommended for those who use the entire DEWALT adhesive range. Designed with a highratio pump style drive mechanism to provide fast dispensing. The base unit is a unique design which allows for the dispensing of different cartridge and component ratios. CGPRO-PWR will dispense the 385 & 585ml (3:1) cartridge, as well as 300, 380 & 420ml (10:1) cartridges. CG high pump ratio manual injection tools are manufactured from a precision steel casting for long life. A specially designed wear compensation mechanism ensures consistent pumping over the life of the tool. Various size guns are available to suit DEWALT range of chemical adhesives.


Part NumberDescriptionBox Qty
CG150SF-PWRManual Dispension Tool (10:1)1
CG380KF2-PWRManual Dispension Tool (10:1)1
CG585-PWRManual Dispension Tool (3:1)1
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