Injection Adhesive Mixing Nozzles

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Static mixing nozzles are used to ensure complete and proper mixing of the adhesive components. This reduces the possibility of mixing errors which are common with hand mixed pourable grout materials. Each nozzle contains a series of static mixing elements. As the adhesive components are pumped through the nozzle, they are progressively mixed by the mixing elements to ensure precise balancing. Always dispense a thin test bead prior to use, until a homogeneous colour is formed.


Part NumberDescriptionBox Qty
8482-PWRStandard Mixing Nozzle (Suits AC100-PRO, AC100E & EA70-PRO)1
PFPN-PWRPure Epoxy Mixing Nozzle & Extension (Suits PURE500+) 1
DFC1640550Mixing nozzle - 19 element (Suits PURE500+)1
AC200NZL-PWRHybrid Acrylic Mixing Nozzle (Suits AC200+)10
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