Nylon Nailin™ Anchor

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Nylon Nailin ® is a removable light duty anchor, assembled with a drive screw to make installation and removing easy. It can be used in a variety of base materials such as concrete, stone, solid brick, solid block, grout filled block and hollow block.


Through fixing, suitable electrical and
plumbing services.


Part NumberSizeLengthTypeBox Qty
RN0525-PWR525Zinc yellow100
RN0540-PWR540Zinc yellow100
RN6525-PWR6.525Zinc yellow100
RN6538-PWR6.538Zinc yellow100
RN6550-PWR6.550Zinc yellow100
RN0525SS-PWR525Stainless Steel100
RN6525SS-PWR6.525Stainless Steel100
RN6538SS-PWR6.538Stainless Steel100
MN0525-PWR525Zinc yellow100
MN0540-PWR540Zinc yellow100
MN6525-PWR6.525Zinc yellow100
MN6538-PWR6.538Zinc yellow100
MN6550-PWR6.550Zinc yellow100
MN6575-PWR6.575Zinc yellow100
MN0525SS-PWR525Stainless Steel100
MN6525SS-PWR6.525Stainless Steel100