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The PTB-ETA1-PRO through bolt is a fully threaded, torque controlled, wedge expansion anchor designed for consistent performance in cracked and uncracked concrete. The anchor is easy to install and suitable for a variety of base materials with a nominal drill bit size the same as the anchor diameter. The wide range of available PTB-ETA1-PRO anchor sizes also cover all common capacity demands with a superior load-displacement response that qualifies the PTB-ETA1-PRO through bolt for both standard and adverse loading conditions.


Steel construction, piping and heating
supports, heating pumps, ventilation
systems, air conditioning, safety
barriers, machines.


Part NumberSizeLengthTypeBox Qty
69294-PWR685Zinc Clear100
PTB06120-PWR6120Zinc Clear50
69308-PWR885Zinc Clear100
69314-PWR8105Zinc Clear100
69334-PWR1090Zinc Clear50
69340-PWR10120Zinc Clear50
69358-PWR1290Zinc Clear50
69360-PWR12100Zinc Clear50
69366-PWR12135Zinc Clear25
69372-PWR12185Zinc Clear25
69388-PWR16115Zinc Clear25
69390-PWR16125Zinc Clear20
69392-PWR16150Zinc Clear20
69398-PWR16210Zinc Clear10
PTB20125-PWR20125Zinc Clear10
69411-PWR20160Zinc Clear10
69415-PWR20200Zinc Clear10


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