Sleeve Anchors – Flush Head

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The Sleeve Anchor is a pre-assembled single unit general purpose anchor available in various finishes and head styles for a broad range of applications. The Sleeve Anchor size is the same as that for the hole which eliminates layout or hole spotting. Flush head anchors are suitable for push through installation.


Piping and heating supports, timber framing, heavy duty doors and security shutters


Part NumberSizeLengthTypeBox Qty
FHS0845-PWR845Zinc yellow100
FHS0870-PWR870Zinc yellow50
FHS1045-PWR1045Zinc yellow50
FHS1055-PWR1055Zinc yellow50
FHS1065-PWR1065Zinc yellow50
FHS1080-PWR1080Zinc yellow50
FHS10100-PWR10100Zinc yellow50
FHS1265-PWR1265Zinc yellow50
FHS1280-PWR1280Zinc yellow25
FHS12105-PWR12105Zinc yellow25
FHS16110-PWR16110Zinc yellow10
FHS0845SS-PWR845Stainless Steel100
FHS0870SS-PWR870Stainless Steel50
FHS1060SS-PWR1060Stainless Steel50
FHS1075SS-PWR1075Stainless Steel50
FHS1275SS-PWR1275Stainless Steel25